Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Believe That We Will Win!

Over here at the Hamme [rhymes with Mom] House, we are soccer fans. 
The TV has been on non-stop World Cup coverage since it began. 
[I can honestly say that I think I have seen a little bit of EVERY game...SAHM bonus right there] 

Living in Chicago has many perks, one of them being that it is the US Soccer headquarters and they have been having LIVE viewing parties downtown. So of course we went...with our 9 month old.

 And she LOVED it! We were there for 6 hours and she absolutely loved it. We have known this, but she is definitely an extrovert. She gets so energized when she is around people. Especially lots of people. Clapping and cheering people. 

 Naturally, she thought they were clapping/cheering for her.

Oh. And I breastfed in public [no cover] for the first time in the park. 
Mama power!

We had such a great day.

These are the things I will miss about city living. Time to soak up all this city has to offer. 


#ibelieve  #letsgoUSA

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