Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Emmah: Six Months

Weight: 15 lbs
Sleep: Great! Waking up at midnight & 6am to nurse, but still stirring around 3am
Clothing size: 6-9 mos/9 mos, and you still fit into a few of your 6 mos onsies & jammies
Likes: things that make crinkly noises, talking to Grandma & Grandpa via Facetime, bath time, Utley the cat
Dislikes: tummy time, getting your jacket on, going in your crib awake
Milestones: You can sit up & you got your first tooth!

This month seemed to fly by faster than all the others. You are growing right before our eyes, making me question if it is really possible for time to go by this quickly. I saw a newborn baby this month and thought "were you really that small and fragile?!" 
 Your first tooth cut through this month, just a few days before your half-birthday, and you handled it like a champ! You are our tough baby bear. Speaking of tough, you love Utley, our cat. You grab onto him and he loves it. When he hears you making noises, he will come find you and sit right in front of you so you can pet him and grab onto his fur. Whenever he comes into the room we are in, your eyes light up and you watch his every move. Daddy & I think you are going to be best buddies growing up.  And growing you are doing. You have some of the chunkiest legs I have ever seen a baby, and I must say they are also the cutest. I want to squeeze and kiss them every time I change your diaper! Actually, I do squeeze and kiss them every time I change your diaper :)
Oh, and your favorite toy is the wipes wrapper/container. You love that crinkly noise it makes!
Happy Half-Birthday, Emmah bear.


  1. A half year?! Stop it! That 6 months seemed to have flown by!
    Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet little lady!!

  2. Look at her!!! She is too sweet! How can she be six months?!! I bet she is so much fun right now :)))