Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Vacation

For Thanksgiving we made the 12 hour drive to visit my family in Delaware. 
Emmah did so well, no fussing from this baby! 

It was so nice to be home. My kind of vacation includes spending time with friends & family, eating lots of good food, and not worrying about a thing. We did just that. 

Emmah got to meet her GiGi (great grandma), Great Grandpa and a few of Mommy & Daddy's good friends. AND hang with Grandma & Grandpa again! It was such a nice vacation, we can't wait to visit again.
my little trooper
Grandma & Grandpa
Great Grandpa
Thanksgiving jammies!
Emmah's First Thanksgiving
Grandma & I took her to see Santa
She didn't mind him one bit
our little family
what a cutie

Next stop, Florida... for Christmas!
{Hopefully the 14 hour drive will be just as smooth. Fingers crossed!}


  1. Wow 12 hours! We have a 12-14 hour drive next summer for vacation that I've already been stressing over! O.O

    1. Hopefully she will do great! I am hoping for the same for our trip to Florida. I will let you know how it goes :)

  2. What a fabulous trip home.
    Such a gorgeous family!!!

    1. It was such a nice trip home. Thanks Desiree!