Thursday, December 19, 2013

Emmah: Three Months

Weight: 12.4 lbs
Height: 24 inches
Sleep: Sleeping 4-6 hours at a time at night, in the crib!
Clothing size: 3-6 months
Likes: baby swing, car-rides, snuggles, activity mat, Mommy singing to you
Dislikes: getting dressed, tummy time
Milestones: grabbing things, cooing, holding your head up

Emmah, this month you found your voice! 
You are so talkative after you get your diaper changed and I absolutely love it.  You have slept for 5-7 hours straight a few times this month, and that was awesome for Mommy. 
You like to find bright lights/electronic screens, and once you do, you are locked on to them. You started playing with the toys hanging from your activity mat this month, batting the stuffies and grabbing/holding on to the rings. 

You are not a fan of tummy time, but we keep makin' ya do it anyways.
 And some days, you aren't very patient when I am getting you dressed.

Daddy & I love snuggling you and giving you kisses.
You met your GG and Great Grandpa this month and you guessed it, they fell in love with you too. Grandma & Grandpa are so thankful they got to hold and kiss you this month over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

We love you, and cannot wait to celebrate your first Christmas in just a few days!

Mommy confession: A few days ago, Mommy put you in your crib for the night and accidentally locked Utley the cat, in your room with you. You screamed so loud and I saw him in the video monitor, trying to get your hand moving around. Mommy & Daddy rushed into your room and scooped you up so fast. Mommy felt terrible. Daddy chased Utley around the house.


  1. YAY for more sleep!!! Way to go Emmah!
    We've locked our cat in M's room a few times… Oops.