Sunday, September 22, 2013

Are you ready?

For cuteness overload?!

Daddy & Emmah
Emmah meets Mommy
Sleepy baby
First family photo
We're going home!
First outing: Lunch at Flat Top
Emmah Bear out to get ice cream

I am so in love, I might spontaneously combust. 

Seriously. Ya'll we're right.

Motherhood is indescribable.


  1. She is beautiful! Her face is just precious! It sure is amazing how you can love something so much, isn't it!

  2. She is perfect!! You'll love her even more every day that goes by and wonder how it's possible. How cute is she in that little white bear cozy zip up??!!! Soooo sweet!!

    1. I'm so glad you said that! I was starting to get nervous about this sweet part was going to go by too quick. We love those bear zip ups! <3

  3. Oh my goodness. She is perfect!!!
    Every day that passes I don't think my heart can hold anymore love than it did the day before. And, every day my heart grows just a little bit more. :)

  4. Ahhh.... the sweet land of baby. I think it's the falling in love part that you just never forget. And when the inevitable tougher parts of parenting comes never forget the fact that you are still in love with this little person. And there is sweetness all along the way. Aunt K

    1. I am falling more in love with her every day!

  5. So cute !!!

    I love the chubby cheeks :)