Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

1. Motherhood Maternity leggings
These babies are AHHH-MAZING. As soon as I tried them on in the store, I felt like I was whisked away to pregnancy heaven, where being comfortable is of most importance . Really, they blew my mind. You can dress them up or down and work out in them too! And they are black, so they make everything look thinner. What pregnant lady doesn't want that? I bought them early in my pregnancy too, so if you just found out you are pregnant... seriously, go get some. (I probably won't go back to regular leggings after I have the baby, they are that comfortable) Are you convinced?
2. Preggie drops & pops
My experience with morning sickness wasn't too bad, but I was nauseous for about 3 weeks straight, 24/7. These are like candy, for nauseous, pregnant ladies. Anytime I felt queasy, I'd suck on one. My hubby ordered them from amazon but we later found out that they sell them at Motherhood Maternity too!

3. Prenatal vitamins
These are great. I tried a generic brand from Walgreens, but then someone told me that your prenatal vitamin could be making your nausea worse, and since I was pretty nauseous,  I decided to try something different. And it worked! I got them at Whole Foods.

4. This Bra
Well it's not secret that your ta-ta's get a little larger when you are pregnant, and everyone's change is different. I went from a size medium sports bra to a LARGE ... XXL!! Yeahhhh about that. Obviously none of my bras fit and I was forced to buy new ones. There was no way that I was going to buy a huge unpadded, granny bra (no offense, I'm just not a granny yet) and underwire was certainly out of the question because comfort is key when pregnant. Luckily, I found this bra at Target and it has all the things I currently need in a bra! Padding (so the girls weren't just flopping around in boob bags), no underwire, no clasps and guess what?! The straps can be worn under your arms so it can be worn as a strapless bra! Score. I wear it with strapless dresses and have no mishaps.  This bra is a pregnancy life saver for me and my current situation tig ol' bitties...

5. Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer
If you have any sort of skin problems, I believe this moisturizer is for you. I don't know what happened but when I hit 21 my skin went crazy. Nothing had worked for my skin except for medication (and you can't take that when you are pregnant). Thankfully I found this product and what-do-you-know? It is safe for pregnancy! It has no salicylic acid, no benzoyl peroxide, nothing harmful! I started using it a few months before I got pregnant and it has worked wonders.

(not pictured)
6. Extra pillows
Instead of splurging on a pregnancy pillow, I just use a few of our extra pillows to put in-between my knees or for support behind my back.

7. Water bottle
For me, a water bottle is a must. If I don't have a water bottle, I  lose track of how much water I drink and not drink nearly enough water. When I have my water bottle, I know I need to fill it up 2-3 times a day to make sure I am drinking plenty of fluids.

8. Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion for stretch marks
I don't know if this is the reason for no stretch marks so far, but something is working. And it smells great!

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  1. I needed this list about two years ago! And, now I'm hanging on to in for future reference. The leggings, preggo drops, and bra are all things I totally needed!!