Monday, July 29, 2013

Journal 1

Mike & I both volunteer for an organization called Young Life
We love YL, it's ministry and the impact it has on millions of high school kids across the world.  

This past week, my husband went on a camp trip with 5 kids from the local high school, 
giving them the opportunity to hear the gospel. 

While they were there, they decided to keep a journal while reading the bible & sharing it on a group Facebook page whenever they wanted to.  So I decided I would share mine on this blog, because you just never know when someone needs to hear the good news of Jesus. 

 Castaway Camp in Minnesota
photo creds. to my hubby

So here is Journal 1 

Mark 1: 40-42 
The part where Jesus heals the man with leprosy. 

Every time I read this, I am amazed by Jesus.

When someone has leprosy, they have lesions on their body because of bacteria. Everyone stayed away from the person, in fear that they would get it too. So this man was probably shunned from his family, friends & town. (Imagine how you feel when your face is breaking out and you just wanna hide your face!) Then Jesus comes in, the man begs Jesus to heal him, Jesus TOUCHES him and says "Be clean".

I think this says so much about the heart of God and his love for us. Instead of thinking "Ew." or saying "Go away and be clean", Jesus touches him. 

Imagine what He can/will do in our lives, if we let him.


  1. I love that there are so many everyday type lessons in The Bible. Like stuff I see with middle school kids everyday....I wish they would be more kind to each other.

  2. Love that you and your hubs participate in such a wonderful group. It's amazing what The Bible can teach us!
    Gorgeous photo of the lake. Props to the hubby!