Monday, April 15, 2013

Check This Out!

Hey fellow bloggers! I need your help!!

I know I have posted about this before but my husband has started a clothing company that gives back! 

We have always wanted to help children, especially those affected by world poverty. When we started doing research on how to become involved in programs or what we could do to help, we quickly realized that money is needed (and as young adults a lot of money is something we don't have). 

My husband and his brother came up with this idea AWESOME idea. 

Tr*be Clothing Co. will sell gently used clothing and give 100% of the profits back to global charities! 
How neat is that?
 As this company grows, we hope that opportunities for expansion and serving will arise.

Would you help me by donating money (any amount helps!) and receiving some pretty cool TR*BE gear in return? You could also help by reposting this in some way on any form of social media!

Check out their fundraising site (there are only FIVE days left) and check out the tees, tanks, sunglasses and hoodies you can receive for helping to get their company started off on the right foot so we can make a difference in our community and around the world!

Click HERE to get to their fundraising site.
There, you can also watch a sweet video that they made that helps explain their company, TR*BE.


  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing! I put a link on my FB page so hopefully more people will check it out!