Saturday, January 29, 2011

'Things to do' before 'I Do'

Over the past month, wedding plans have finally started moving along. Mike & I think we found a church and a photographer, which is so exciting and relieving. We are sending out invitations in February and my dress is almost here. I can't believe how fast time has flown by since we've gotten engaged!

Today, we went on a fun little adventure to create our wedding registry at Target.  When we got engaged we were so excited to go to the store and run around using the handheld scanners, scanning anything we pleased. I was excited because I remembered being a little girl, playing the grocery store cashier and loving pretending that I was scanning items that my sister was purchasing. We got to Target and set up our account and we received the scanner. Yes THE scanner. ONE (which was an unforeseen problem). Guess who got the scanner, not me. Mike's argument was that I was picking everything out (which was true, but only out of necessity, he has horrible taste in kitchen decor) so he got to scan. I did not agree but I knew to keep this experience as fun as I had hoped, I needed to let him hold the scanner for a while. So there we are walking around Target and I am saying things I like and if he agrees, he scanned. Then, the moment I knew was going to happen happened. Mike ran off with the scanner. Yup, and guess what he scanned? Swords, and guns and random things he could get while running from me such as a 25-dollar candle. I must admit though I did think that the foam swords were kinda fun, we could use them when we are having a disagreement and it would make things less serious. The foam swords stayed on our registry :) After begging him to let me scan a few things, he let me hold "the scanner".  After a few scans, I was satisfied and handed it back over the Scanmaster. So all in all I think the day ended up a success, and we had a nice lesson in compromise along the way :)

Later that night, I was reading "Captivating" by John & Stasi Eldridge (which is an AWESOME book, I recommend it to any female, or any male that wants to learn about females, on this planet) and I was reminded about the heart of a man. Captivating says that every man wants a battle to fight, an adventure and to rescue a beauty. Men are created to be the hero. Mike holding that scanner was a hero. He was in control, making the final decision. So by me relinquishing my power to scan I was building him up and honoring him. I know it’s a small silly example, but it certainly did make him feel important.

We as women need to remember not to nag our men and to encourage them so they can be the heroes, in return they will feel and act in that manner which is a win for everyone.

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  1. He will also open all of your presents if you are not careful!